Monday, September 29, 2008

Cause their soooo bad!

Ok so my doggie friends bugged me to start a blog because my dogs are always doing things that are wild and crazy, and well just plain bad! I can't even remember all the stories I have, so I'm going to post them as they come. But I promise to fill you in on old stories as well. Welcome to MiraDukeSadie. Or bad, badder, and baddest!

First Post

Duke is badder. He is an atypical lab that we got from the Calgary Humane Society. Albeit he was a little weird when we got him, he has gotten weirder in our presence. He is obsessed with light, shiney things, moving things and water. He was actually banned from off leash dog walks after he attempted to swim to Medicine Hat via the Oldman River. I actually met one of my doggie friends after a rescue from one such incident. I was wet, muddy, crying, and missing a shoe. After running down the embankment, stumbling over a stump, I proceeded to roll down and over the cliff, through layers of thorny brush and into the icy river. As I managed to crawl back up onto shore I realized the muddy river floor claimed my croc. The good news is that Duke came over to see what all the swearing was about, that and the water washed away most of the blood.............


Sadie is baddest. This is probably because we got her as a puppy and she has had the longest incubation period. She was (gasp!) a pet store puppy. But we were naive and the nice 13 year old employee told us she would be easy! She is a typical terrier, sassy and full of herself. Husband says she is the ringleader. He told me once he saw her on the lawn with the other dogs, and a few fosters telling them the household rules. "Ok if you can reach it by jumping, or crawling on top of something - its yours, but my cut is 50%." And "if its cold outside, for heaven sake - poop downstairs!".


Mira is Bad. That is hard to type because she is so sweet. She was sweeter, when we first fostered her. But doing hard time with Badder, and Baddest will taint you. She used to be the best daycare dog, and now, well she isn't allowed to play with the toys as she doesn't share well. But living here will teach you to get in, get what you want, get out, and fight like hell to keep it!