Friday, August 21, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Boler for Sale!!

We have a updated/upgraded Boler for sale. If you or anyone you know wants this gem, let me know! Everything is new and ready to go.

Maybe Sarah wants to upgrade to a bathroom?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Scared Poopless!

It's 8:30am on my day off and I am up. Why? Because I have a highly trained guard dog who has alerted me to an intruder in the basement.

Yesterday morning my neighbors were having a pow-wow in the cult-d-sac after a rash of break-ins the previous evening. Thankfully we were missed. Then this morning while I'm compromised in the bathroom I hear Duke barking, downstairs! And it's not a playful bark, it's a disturbing, low, alert bark. I panic, uncompromise myself and head downstairs but not before I arm myself with a kitchen knife. He's in the office barking at the closet. Fabulous. There's a burgler/murderer/possible rapist in my closet. But before I call 911 I figure if Duke has scared him to stay in his hiding place this long he isn't going anywhere and I can make sure there is something actually to call the police about.

Of course as soon as Duke sees me he runs up to me allowing the maniac to escape, but nothing. Duke now wants to run away, his job is over, he has alerted me to danger, now mom can hack him up with my paring knife. I told Duke to get his ass back in there and protect me. So he begrudgingly faced the enemy, but you could tell he was really scared, he would bark and smell and back up. I peeked into the open closet and saw......a helmet.

This was obviously the source of his contempt. He would get really low and inch over to the helmet and then do his low alert bark and back up. So I grabbed the stupid helmet and made him look at it.

I'm not sure if I'm reading into this too much, but he really hates motorbikes, he will jump and lunge at them. Maybe he had a bad experience with someone on a bike wearing a helmet? I'd like to think that, because the alternative is well, depressing.

Friday, August 7, 2009

We are going on a camping trip in the next few weeks and in attendance are most of my regular dog sitters. I heard through the local dog grapevine that I should check with Bobby and her sister as they have boarded dogs before. So I emailed Bobby and asked her to take Duke who I assured her is my very mellow and laid back guy. Then the correspondence began.

I remembered she had a bunny, and cats.

"Dear Bobby, Duke is very bad with cats he will chase and probably bite them, and don't let him eat your bunny!" No worries Bobby told me the cats can stay in a separate area with Bunny. Crisis diverted.

She then asked if he would be ok left alone in the house for a few hours. Perfect, I can redeem myself here.

"Dear Bobby, Duke is great in the house, he has never had an accident and never chews anything". That night I came home to the contents of my kitchen sink scattered across the floor and remembered that I forgot to tell her he is a counter surfer.

"Dear Bobby, Duke is a bit of a counter surfer, don't leave anything out or in the sink. Especially garbage, I would lock that up for sure"

Bobby has dealt with counter surfers and since Logan got into the garbage, she is used to labs and their nose. Crisis diverted. Then Bobby tells me she has a pond on her property. Perfect! Duke would love to swim.

"Dear Bobby, Duke would love to swim in your pond. Except if you have plans within 2 or 3 hours prior to letting him in I would reconsider. He won't come out. Actually maybe you could keep him on a long leash" Crap, the leash! I forgot Duke has some minor leash aggression, and when I say minor I mean major.

"Dear Bobby, Duke has some leash aggression, maybe we should keep him off leash with the other dogs, then he won't bug them" Crap, the other dogs! I forgot Duke likes to mount other dogs off leash.

"Dear Bobby, Duke likes to mount other dogs, feel free to beat him at will..... Hell, I'm going to call Amanda and make sure he's available for back up!"

So after Duke eats the cats, and the bunny, destroys the house, eats the garbage, mounts all the dogs, and eventually swims away, feel free to call Amanda - she will know what to do!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Good Giggle

I love this picture of Mira. I mean really could it be anymore hideous? When I was working at the dog daycare I cut out her head in this picture and put it on the computer just for laughs. When I worked at London Drugs I put the cut out head over top of my managers head in the framed "Hi I'm the Manager" picture hanging in our department. I wanted to see how long it would take for him to notice but I kept laughing and glancing up at it and gave myself away. In good spirit he did leave it up there for a while.

So I present to you what I have come to title "Old Man Mira"

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Little Test

How to know if your Dog is at risk for Snakebite?

Do you live in a Rattlesnake area?

Do you hike, run or play in snake areas?

Do you have a dog?
If so, you are at risk.

BREEDS THAT ARE HIGH RISK* Jack Russell* Siberian Husky* Terriers* Rottweiler* German Shepherd* Blue Heeler* Labrador* Golden Retriever* Australian Shepherd* Border Collie

Sadie flushed out a rattlesnake at the local off leash park yesterday. Now as I slip my feet under the covers my heart flutters to think that the snake is in there seeking its revenge.

I have never heard a rattlesnake before, but have been told that you will just know it when you do. And that sums it up pretty well. I think the snake Sadie found had to be the grand daddy, but really I have nothing to compare it to.

I was searching for tips to avoid rattlesnakes, I mean hindsight is 20/20 right? This is the quote that popped out at me.

"Letting them run off into the tall weeds is just asking for your faithful friends to stumble upon a rattlesnake lair"

So after the ducks, a bird and the rattlesnake I have retired Sadie from off leash. What is that about fool me once shame on me fool me twice......there isn't even a fool me three times, because their not really fooling you anymore are they?