Friday, November 28, 2008

Worst Week

When I got a letter from my governing body in the mail this afternoon saying I failed my audit I actually laughed. It was the fluffy icing on the top of my week from hell. Suspended from practice! No job. Nice.

I think it started when I came home on Monday and discovered that I hadn't shut the door to the spare room which contained all my Christmas presents. The ones that I had so carefully chosen months before Christmas and painstakingly wrapped with love. Destroyed by viscous dogs, angry at me for being late. Amongst those gifts was a 50 piece box of Lindor chocolates. I emphasize was. I found every single foil carefully unwrapped and discarded for the contents within. They also had fun with a gift intended for Dustin's niece, a stuffed dog set. Interestingly, there were 4 dogs in the set and I only found the mauled remnants of one.

Then I got sick. Mucus plugged hacking my lungs out, staying home from work sick. Except for the 3 hours that I had to go in for as there was no coverage. I hope none of you got prescriptions from my pharmacy today from about 9-12 or you might have taken home a little more then you paid for!

Then my beautiful new phone died. After numerous attempts at contacting the "help" desk, I'm sure my file is flagged irate customer, I actually got a new one from the store. No I couldn't just go to the mall where I purchased it from, I had to go to the frigin' industrial park not once but twice because they are the only ones apparently knowledgeable to do an exchange. I mean literally taking my defective phone and handing me another one in a box. So now I'm in the processes of uploading all my info into the phone again. This requires me calling all the software companies that I downloaded from and telling them that I have switched devices and am not trying to steal their software. This is fine except today apparently is the U.S. thanksgiving and NO one is answering the phone!

Then I get home to discover that I missed garbage pick up and am stuck with an overflowing garbage bin until next Friday. So this weeks garbage will be piling up in my garage, and I'll probably never get caught up.

I also missed my doctor's appointment tonight, as the appointment info was in my defective phone that I had to give to the freaks up in the industrial park. They then told me they could schedule me in to walk in clinic tonight. So I go home and drive back 2 hours later only to be told by the Dr. that she couldn't help me in walk in and I would have to schedule an appointment with my regular dr. This was followed by me bursting into tears and demanding the prescription that I know I needed, which didn't go over so well. Needless to say I left sans prescription and an appointment for 2 weeks from now with my regular dr.

Upon returning home tonight I sank into my couch and instantly caught the distinctive whiff of vomit. Now I'm washing my couch cushions while quietly sobbing waiting for my husband to get home. Who by the way had to be coaxed home as he was avoiding his crabby wife.

I guess when you hit rock bottom, there is no where but up.................right?

The remaining mauled stuffed dog - I believe it was some sort of Maltese.

The individually unwrapped Lindor chocolates
A panned out view of the destruction - yes those are all wrappers

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hidden Gems

Their out there, lurking in the dark shadows, waiting for a labbie paw to smash them into a mashed paste. But I can't get to them, the darkness is in their favor. I have to leave them before the sun rises, and when I return the sun has set on them, leaving them to hide in the dim moonlight. What are they? They are the poos that linger in the back yard. I know their out there though, I can smell them. It has come to the sad reality of blindly sweeping the ground with a bagged hand to reach them. I'll get them. I'll get them all............

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Good Ol' Dayz

I have a new smartphone! Its very cool, it's called HTP diamond. It has been refered to as the windows version of the iphone, which is what I wanted because I can't make myself switch over to a Mac yet. Anyway I was cleaning out some old files to update my new phone and found some very cool pictures. Last year Wendy had a dog walking business and she would take pictures of their adventures. Enjoy.

Friday, November 21, 2008

By Any Other Name

Names. It seems we have picked the most common dog names in existence. Mira was the only one who got an original name and that was because we didn't name her. I really thought we were creative with Sadie, that was until I went to the kennel to pick her up and after giving her name, the lady laughed and asked which one! Apparently she had 5 Sadies that weekend. Actually for whatever reason we originally gave Sadie the name Heidi. We left her with my parents while on vacation and at some point we decided to change it. I had to call my dad and tell him to start calling her a different name half way through the week!

Some times we change the dogs names just for fun. This week we have been calling Duke Drago pronounced Dr-ahhh-go. It came from watching the T.V. show the Dragons Den. I said I wanted to call him Dragon and it was shortened to Drago.

Other times we just call them by breed. The terrier. The lab, or labbie, and the mixed breed.

Nicknames. Sadie got poop, pooper this came from obvious reasons during puppyhood. See the worms post. Mira is Mirabelle and Duke is Dukie, or Dukeman, not very original.

I think you could call any of my dogs by any name you choose and you would get the same reaction as if you had called them by their proper names, which is usually a whole lotta nothin'!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ohhh Dukey!

For a dog who loves water so much, you'd think he wouldn't be so miserable in the bath.

And just what did Mr. Duke do to deserve such a harsh punishment? Well he ran inside to greet my company tonight right after he tromped through his own feces. And when I say greet I mean jumped up and made two smelly footprints on his jacket. Nice. Boy dogs suck.

Friday, November 14, 2008

It's Begining to Smell a Lot Like.....Anal Glands

Gag me. Mira is having anal "issues". She randomly dumps the contents of her glands onto whatever she is laying on. Last night it was my bed! I had to change the sheets. I have never smelled anything so putrid in my life. For those lucky enough not to know what I'm talking about think musky decaying corpse. Enough said.

We are going to see our vet to empty them. Until then she is getting some pumpkin. I'm glad I called Amanda to see how much pumpkin to give her because I bought a 5000ml can and was just going to fill up her food dish with it! Apparently you only use like 2 tablespoonful. I wonder what would have happened............

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yes, they have shut down a store!

The Prairie Dog Canine Rescue had their first annual Mircrochip Clinic today. I had the very important job of spraying the "pink stuff" between appointments. It was mostly a success, with the exception of a few no shows. However, we filled them in with a little impromptu recruiting from the neighboring pet store. Sorry Julia, she got a very manly pitbull that I sent over! To kill the time between appointments the girls and I starting telling our runaway stories. This is why it is so important to have your dog mircochipped!

I remember getting a phone call from my frantic neighbor saying that the dogs had broken out of the yard and were running amuck on Whoop-up Drive, which is a fairly busy road in our little city. She said she couldn't get them back in the yard. After attempting to call friends and family to round up the crew without success I decided I had to leave. Which in any normal profession wouldn't have been a big deal, however without my humble presence in my store, the whole store has to shut down, literally. I made several attempts to get reinforcements but after contemplating the risks I told them to shut it down and was outta there! I mean really, there are several other stores in a 10 mile radius that could perform the exact same service. Fortunately when I got home, my cousin had finally rounded up the last of the crew and they were safely home. When I got back to work my boss wasn't very understanding, he said "Sandy you can't just leave" which I promptly responded with "that's funny cause I thought I just did.................."

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Morning Routine

I'm sure everyone has their own morning routine. Ours never varies. Sometime between 6am and 7am I hear the scratching of claws on laminate pacing from one side of the bed to the other, precisely 5 minutes after this commences I hear the whining. I'm sure if Mira could talk she would be chanting "feed me Momma, feed me Momma". If that doesn't get my attention she will jump on the bed and push her wet nose into my face and proceed the chant. Yes, I get up.

We go to the pantry with now all 3 jumping and wagging like I've been missing for years and I measure out the required amounts. Then I throw the measuring cup on the counter and go back to bed. Did you catch my error? Remember I have a food scavenging counter surfer.........

I always forget to close the pantry door!!! Every time. Seriously. So our routine continues. I hear a crumpling of wrapper, usually he goes for the breads, I'm not sure why. Then I hear the frantic scraping of feet and the sharp thud of a labbie head bounding through the dog door. This follows the sharp high pitched barking of the fun police who has her suspect in hot pursuit. Usually I chalk it up to a loss. I mean by now whatever prize he has claimed has been in his mouth, and drug through the land mine of our backyard. And it would require me getting up and going outside in the frigid morning air.

Today he choose pita wraps. So much for taco's tonight.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dog Park

We had a great time at the daycare's Dog Park today. We were all enjoying the warm sunny November day until Amanda told us that we were all going to burn because of global warming!

Lacey knew who had the cookies.
Vito trying to be brave.
Sadie found the cookie pocket.

More cookie pockets.

Little Lacey.

Dustin and Mira.

The dogs didn't even get a time out today! Wooo hooo!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Who's Bad?

The dogs were soooo good last night. We kept Mira away from the door and she didn't do her frantic barking! Duke and Sadie "greeted" all the little kids and Duke didn't even knock one of them over! and Sadie loved all the attention.

I however wasn't so good. But it was pretty fun!