Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Better Late then Never

So a few weekends ago we got to babysit Vito. This is a rare occurrence because a certain someone (ahem, cough, Wendy) likes to hog this duty.

Babysitting Vito pretty much entails snuggling....


and more snuggling.

A perfect weekend for me!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We Won

A while back Amanda at manymuddypaws had a caption contest and I won! Duke won actually as he got this very cool and totally appropriate collar.

You can't really see from the picture but it has a black labs with flippers on it swimming in the sea! It's so perfect and Duke loves it. Thanks Amanda!

Monday, June 22, 2009

I wrote this a while back and shared it with a few people. I received a decent response and I quite like how it turned out so I thought I might share it here.

I'm Off to See the Wizard
I'm a rescue dog. As soon as I can escape this cold dark cage I’m off to see the wizard.
You must think being a rescue dog that I need to ask the wizard for a brain.
I must be untrainable, have no manners, I must be unmanageable for someone to dump me here.
But I am very smart.
I use to memorize and perform every trick my master taught me, just to make him proud for his company.
No matter where he went I heeled at his side, he had my undivided attention at all times. So it must be courage right? Being a rescue, I must be scared and weak.
You may be worried about me around your children, or I may bite the neighbours.
But no. I am very strong. I would have defended my people to the death.
My family slept many nights peacefully knowing I was there to protect them.
And I have only gained more courage during this time; I had to, to survive this.
Well that only leaves a heart. I must be off to get a heart from the wizard then.
Even though my heart is broken it is still beating and it waits for someone else to fill it. But thats just it. My time is up in this cage.
They say that I am old, tired and no one wants me.
So I am not going to ask the wizard for anything.
I want him to take away my brain, so I don’t know what is happening when they take me into the back room to my death.
I want him to take away my courage so I do not fight the inevitable.
I want him to take away my heart so I can no longer feel the pain of abandonment and unwant.
I am a rescue dog and I’m off to see the Wizard.
All I want is for this all to go away.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Duke not sure if he can dive.

Mira trying desperately to get out of the water. She's like her momma, we bask in the sun.

Notice the tether Duke has. We take no chances anymore!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our view
Our site

Our Campers

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Ok I am going to forget that my dog got skunked, my boler's toilet is leaking, that it took 5 adult strength gravol to achieve Duke's silence in the truck for all of 20 minutes, or that "we" forgot the axe, trailer jacks, and water hose.  I'm going to start over. I'm on vacation!!!

On the open road

Skunk Removal Recipe

In the spirit of sharing useful information here is a very effective recipe for removing skunk spray.  I know this from personal experience!

32 oz hydrogen peroxide
1/4 cup baking soda
1 TBSP shampoo

Mix and use all, leave on for 10 minutes, rinse.

Viola! $25 plus tip later, we are on our way again!

Camping Trip

Day 1

Sadie got loose and chased a skunk. She's in town at the dog groomers who apparently has a "secret recipe" for this type of thing. I'm too mad to write more.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Vito is coming for a visit this weekend! These pictures were from his last visit:

Thanks for the bone Aunty Sandy! I love being here, I wish my mom let me come more often.

I need to hide my bone, should I go downstairs....

Or in the bedroom?

Oh I think I'll sit on that nice comfy dog bed.

Yep, this is perfect!

Dammit!! That stupid terrier is here now. She'll probably bite me, I'm surprised she hasn't already....I'm outta here.

Gotta hide my bone, gotta hide my bone......

Now that fat mixed breed is licking her chops, maybe if I don't look directly at her she'll go away.

I'm so smart I found the perfect hiding spot!

(Can you spot the Vito?)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

One More Night

Mira gets her stitches out tomorrow!  Wooohooo!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bizarro World

First off we have been tagged by Amanda at manymuddypaws.blogspot.com to tell our stories of how we came to have our dogs.  Fun right?  Except if you follow Sarah's blog digit-fetchit-herdit.blogspot.com then you've heard my stories.  Ok maybe not exactly, but it's safe to say bizarro world strikes again.

THE DOG: Sadie
THE YEAR: 2005
I wanted a little dog that I could train while I was in transition from school to the real world.  My husband said there was one, gasp, at the petstore.  When I saw her, I thought she was a Jack Russell.  I lived with a Jack Russell while going to school and it made me cringe to see her.  But the nice petstore employee told me that she was a fox terrier, and would be much calmer then her terrier cousin the jack.   Mmmmhmmm.  She was the only one left, so we didn't have a choice and we went home with her.

THE YEAR: 2005
I wanted a lab all my life.  I actually wanted a yellow one named Sailor.  Dustin also wanted a lab for swimming, and hiking.  He actually wanted a black lab named Duke, I guess we know who has more pull now.  We decided to visit the Calgary Humane Society just to kill some spare time.  There was a black lab named Duke, I didn't have a choice how could I say no?

THE YEAR: 2007
I absolutely did not want 3 dogs.  We were fostering for a rescue in Calgary and we picked up a very strange, and shy looking mixed breed dog that I actually couldn't wait to have adopted out.  Having 3 dogs was hard work!  Then we went away on holidays and I missed my dogs of course, but I also missed my little freak as well.  Now if you read Sarah's post on how she got Gyp you might think that I am making this up.  But I kid you not the moment I quit saying she had to go was when she laid her head on Dustin's lap and looked up at him with those eyes and he said "so we are keeping her right?" and yes she is Daddy's girl hands down.

(insert creepy bizzaro music here)  

*all photo's courtesy of paws on the run photography (photography.paws-on-the-run.ca)* awesome eh?

Monday, June 1, 2009

It's Pouring

Its been a rough few days to say the least. Last night Mira had what can only be described as a doggy panic attack and ripped off her cast. It lasted all night, and as soon as I calmed her down and fell asleep, I woke again to the sounds of plaster cracking. Then I slept in after my alarm choose not to go off because it knows I'm in a rush to get Mira back to the vet and off to work after a sleepless night. In my morning panic I left the pantry door open and came home not only to food partially devoured and strewn around the house, but garbage as well because that is where I keep it locked up. And this is not your run of the mill garbage, no it had to be after my mom and I cleaned and tossed a bunch of old camping gear encrusted with dirt and mud. Cleaning old gooey and licked starburst off tile is not a joyful task. My dryer also decided it no longer wanted to perform it's only function - to dry clothes. Of course after a messy weekend, complete with dirty soaking wet towels. And the list goes on, but I digress.

I found some twisted humor this evening. I was given a fish for my birthday last December, one that lives in a small bowl, that has to be cleaned every week or the fish is no longer visable. Yesterday I couldn't find his food. I searched for it at supper and decided to just buy some more today. Then Mira had a melt down and I forgot. So again at supper I realized he had no food and I would have to go out and buy some. This came shortly after I strategically planned each day around Mira's constant watch. Even going as far as having a babysitter so I could buy groceries at some point. Angry, frustrated and clearly not thinking coherently I decided I would flush him down the toilet and peacefully "drown" him because I didn't want him to starve and I couldn't leave Mira to buy his food. As I watched him struggle against the swirling current I debated saving him only to reminisce over the weekly cleaning rituals, and I let him go. Not 20 minutes later as I stared helplessly out the kitchen window I saw his food on the ledge. I giggled psychotically as I realized that fish can't drown and wondered how in fact my poor fish would meet his maker.

But if I didn't laugh I'd cry and I'm all out of tears.