Friday, October 31, 2008

The Brew

A few nights ago, when I got home from work the dogs did their "OMG I haven't seen you in like 8 hours" dance and routine. This followed promptly by Duke projectile vomiting across the room. Husband is laughing trying to say he is just exciting to see me. I know better. After a quick trip to the backyard I bring back an empty margarine tub. For the remainder of the evening I am serenaded by the sounds of digestion and apparently it is a very labour intensive process. I actually wish I could record it and play the sounds for the trick or treaters tonight. They would have thought we were concocting the most evil witches brew. In actuality Duke was making his own brew, and it was more evil then any witches potion!

Happy Halloween!

I can't wait to deal with the reaction of dogs who normally don't act appropriately when people come to the door. Now we get to throw in masks and small screaming children to the mix! Maybe we should pull a Wendy and turn the lights off...............

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Howloween!!!

The dogs went to the second annual Paws on the Run Howloween Party yesterday! I believe the attendees doubled since the first annual meeting. Which just shows Wendy's business is booming! We had a great time, I didn't get too many pictures, as I was trying to control my 3 and help Amanda where I could. We did enter the costume judging and Sadie led the group march around the outdoor play area. We had to stop mid-march to let her pee her costume, and then while waiting for judging she pooped in it as well......nice.

As predicted Sadie won the wiener dunking paws down. We were a little disappointed her fierce competition Jane was only participating in the go-dog-go parties dunk. Sadie thinks she was scared to go up against her =).

All went well, with the exception of me jumping the gun on commencing the off leash play. This lead to a certain overly eager dog to almost eat a guest's plate of snacks. And then during play Duke received a time out for engaging in overly dominant play (ok he was caught humping!) and before his time was even done, Sadie also was banned to isolation. Although I have to say, the dog she "abused" was overreacting just a tad ; ). Mira, of course, was an angel - Amanda even praised her for initiating a greeting with a fellow human guest. Of course when he went to pet her she slunked off barking.....but.

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Friendly Neighborhood Vet

I remember when I used to call our vet and our conversations went like this -
"Hi its Sandy Macdonald, with Duke, Mira and Sadie.....".
After a few calls it went like this -
" Hi it's Sandy with Duke, Mira and Sadie.........."
Then it got to this -
"Hi its Sandy........"
Now its like this -
"Hey its me, can I talk to Kendra"

Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's On

Sadie has been officially challenged. Check out Sara's blog Sadie won the wiener diving contest last year (see the medal!) and Jane's mad. But we are practising and ready to defend our title!

Counter Surfer

Duke is a professional counter surfer. In the past I have tried to justify his behavior from being a pound dog, and he was just used to scavenging for his food. However, he has received a constant supply of food for the last 3 years, and I can't make excuses for him anymore. He is just bad. He has learned he is not suppose to do this, so he will wait and watch for you to move out of eyeshot and then he will go for his prize.

When we first got Duke we lived next door to my parents, and their kitchen window overlooked directly into our backyard. We would often receive phone calls from my frantic mother, saying Duke had a bag of buns, a carton of milk, or a tub of margarine etc. out in the yard as he would take his stash out the dog door. Before we were trained not to leave anything on the counter tops these calls were quite regular. He wasn't particular with food either, there were things that you wouldn't even think could fit through the 10X15 hole out in the yard. One day I came home and found I had no couch cushions. Apparently Duke wanted to lay on them outside.

The dog door dash worked both ways, and often we would come home to inappropriate items inside the house. I remember coming home to a beautiful fall day complete with brightly colored leaves scattered on the ground............ inside my living room. The best was when he decided to drag a small tree inside and proceed to use it as a chewy.

Then one day the meter man came to the front door to ask if I could let him in the back to read the meter. I locked the dogs inside and gave him the all clear through the front door. A while later I went to make sure he latched the gate properly and to my horror I saw several pairs of panties scattered throughout the yard. The poor meter man must have thought we were some kind of crazy!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mira's Mass - Part 3

Great news! The results came back for the mass aka little alien, and there is no cancer! Our wonderful vet Kendra excised all its hideousness, and despite Mira's best efforts, the wound is healing nicely. The report indicated the mass may have been viral in nature, so we have to do some watchful waiting and hope it doesn't return.

She should be ready to go just in time for the Halloween party at Paws on the Run. Sadie is practising for the wiener dunk - watch out Jane!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sadie and the Worms

I was contemplating the title of this post, and decided it sounded like the title of a fable, but then I thought, it is comparable to a fable. The definition of a fable is "a short allegorical narrative making a moral point". Well this little gem I pulled out of the past definitely makes a point.

As previously disclosed Sadie was a pet store puppy. The lack of knowledge we had going into this seems so unreal to me now. Not that I am an expert by any means, but I think I have come a long way since the naive buyer I was in the pet store. Anyway we bought her, thus contributing to the wonderful world of puppy mills, and brought her to our backyardless apartment complex. Smart move.

I thought that getting a puppy at that point in my life was perfect, as I was off work and school for 2 months. There was only the small task of preparing for the most significant test of my life. The one that I had been working towards for the last 7 years of university thereby allowing me to practise pharmacy. No biggie. Upon asking Dustin what we should name her he said "coulda been a pharmacist?"

Crating Sadie was not conducive to studying, as she would scream, kick, fling poop and urine around her cage and surrounding area. So mostly she slept on my lap, thereby allowing me to focus for a few hours at a time. This worked for the first couple of weeks, when she still was the tiny baby stolen much too early from her mother. Then she got bigger and more playful and we had to incorporate potty training into my schedule. I thought I was so smart by teaching her to ring a little bell that I hung by the front door when she had to go out. Although her definition of having to go out, was not mine and it certainly didn't schedule around potty breaks. She would ring that horrible bell every 10 minutes and I was ready to cut it off its magnificently designed string. I tried the tie out and she would tangle herself in seconds and cry. There was no allowing any sort of X-pen or run, as per the lovely people who run the condo association. I'm not sure when my breaking point hit, but at some point I just opened the door and let her run wild. Every now and then a helpful neighbor would knock on my door holding the struggling mass that was Sadie and I would politely ask them if she was bothering them. If they said no I would pluck her from their arms and release her into back into the complex and turn back inside.

Something had to have happened here, obviously Sadie is alive and well (thank goodness, I'm not sure how) but something terrible did happen and much more repulsive. We had a wedding and I brought Sadie to my parents because we didn't leave her alone when we went out. She was a little off all day, but we didn't think much. Most of the out of town guest congregated at my parents pre wedding meal. Sadie and Otis, my parents dog, were going at it in the hall and my mom decided to step in and break it up. She grabbed Sadie around the waist to pick her up and that slight amount of pressure must have been just enough to release the floodgates. A huge rush of watery diarrhea came exploding out of her and down the hall. No one, and nothing was spared. The walls, the rug, and my cousin who was in an unfortunate position were all covered.

The vet said it was the worst case of worms she had seen in a domesticated animal. Well it made sense since Sadie wasn't really domesticated at the time. It turns out the garbage at the complex had been overfilling and people were just throwing garbage on the ground outside of the bin. Sadie helped herself to the decaying compost and viola, we have the best and worst wedding story ever!!!

So what is the moral point? If your going to be a pet owner, be a responsible one! Watch your friggin' dog!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

This is my Daddy

Since Mira has been out of commission, Dustin has refused to take the dogs for a walk, because he feels bad Mira can't go. At first I thought this was an excuse not to have to walk them. Today I told him I would stay home with Mira and keep her company while he walked Duke and Sadie. He again protested that Mira would be left out.

Then I see him padding and re-wrapping her foot so she could go. He has now driven over to the field to let Duke and Sadie run and is keeping Mira beside him on a leash. I guess Mira knows who her Daddy is.

Smart dog?

I think my dogs are smart. Granted I think some are smarter then others, but I don't think anyone of them are unintelligent. However, I believe we all have our "blonde moments", dogs included. Then every once in a while a blonde moment keeps repeating and you begin to doubt their intelligence level.

Case and point, we have a little electric fireplace that Sadie LOVES. She might actually be a bit obsessed with it. She knows we refuse (usually) to turn it on in the summer despite her frantic pleas. She will sit by it and pound on the handle to let us know she would like it on. Lately its been getting colder and I have allowed her to "have a fire". Smart dog right?

I decided to re-arrange the living room slightly and in the final decor the fireplace got moved. In its place sits a little end table.


Endtable - see the difference?

That same day I found her banging on the end table's leg. At first I thought she saw some food on the top, but she would then politely sit beside the table and look at me expectantly, like she does with her fire. The first time I laughed and put her on her bed by the fire and turned it on, thinking that was the end of it. Nope. She keeps repeating this little ritual and I keep placing her by the fire across the room. Silly girl.

Then again maybe she's smarter then I think and just telling me to put the friggin' fire back where it was! =)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Simple Love

The more I deal with people, the more I love my dogs.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mira's Mass - Part 2

Mira must have started to miss little alien Monday afternoon. After discovering he didn't lay beneath the stretchy wrap she decided he must be hidden under the black threads.........

All things careless can be traced back to husbands, or men for that matter. Mira was under the unwatchful eye of her dad. I knew as soon as I got home what she had accomplished, as she wasn't weight bearing on that leg. I flipped over the paw and sure enough the stitches were dangling uselessly from shards of fatty tissue. I rushed her to our vet Kendra who was quite disgusted that her beautiful sewing job was in ruins. She decided not to stich it back up as too much healing had occurred. We were to keep it bandaged and start antibiotics.

So me with my bright ideas (bone-shaped pool) decided I would apply various substances to her bandage to encourage her to leave it on. I came up with bitter apple spray, pickle juice and hot sauce, and of course I got many suggestions from others - lavender, vinegar, dish soap. I decided the bitter apple spray would be the most convenient and applied it first. Mira immediately started in on it. Then I had my ahhh moment! I have yet to discover any food-like substance that Mira hasn't liked. Have you ever seen a dog eat a clove of garlic and ask for more? Ditto for pickles, onion, mushroom. The best part is that the other two think if she is eating it they must also have some. This results semi-chewed blobs of food spat out on to the carpet. Although this doesn't even deter Mira, she will happily eat the pre-digested sample. So I've decided the best thing would be to leave it plain and hope for the best. Although I may go to the hot sauce, but only as a last resort via Amanda's request.

Now I have to eat my words. After entering the blog I went to take a picture of Mira with her wrapped up foot, and this is what I saw. That green and white item on the floor is her cast! She's looking very proud of herself. Maybe I'll try the hotsauce after all.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Who's Your Daddy?

About a year ago we collected Duke's DNA and mailed it to a company in California for determination of heritage. I'm not sure what possessed me to inquire, it could have been the entourage of people with their backyard bred, tall, lanky "labs" telling me he had to be part Rottie. Either way we had it performed and the results concluded purebred Labrador Retriever.

Then came Mira. I believe it was the tedious and repetitive task of informing people I had no idea what she was. That or reducing her description to a German Shepard because we had to choose something. So we retrieved a sample of her cheek cells, sealed and mailed it away.

Flash forward - I received the most interesting voice mail on my phone. A gentlemen with an American accent told me he was from Metaphorphix DNA and he was inquiring about Mira. I called back but not wanting to release any details as to sway his results, I asked him first what the analysis concluded. He informed me indefinitely she was a mutt - she had no strong primary or even secondary DNA matches. This defines her parents as both being mutts. However there were 3 main breeds that they found in her mix. The first was black and tan coon hound, which is actually what the rescue labelled her. The next was a pleasant surprise - flat-coat retriever! Hello Kaleb! Then I inquired as to why he was so perplexed by the analysis. He told me the final breed that came up was no other then the - Chihuahua!! I was in line at the local petsmart and I let out a crowd inquiring knee- slapping, snorting howl! Well I said someone just commented on her dainty little feet!!!

So there you have it my beautiful Flat Coat Chihuahua Hound! At least I have an answer now, no matter how ridiculous.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Can you think of anything better to crawl into bed with?

I guess he partied too hard on his birthday!

Happy Birthday!

October is a busy birthday month for us. Mostly because we made it that way.......

Today is Dukes birthday!!! Ok well it's the day we made up to be his birthday, because nobody really knows. He is turning 4, again that is a guess - I'm starting to think he is older either that or he is just really lazy!

Mira also had a birthday, again made up - we picked October 1st and she turned 2.

Dustin's birthday was yesterday, that we didn't make up! and he turned old! =)

I would have had more pictures, as we all went to my parents for dinner and cake, but the trio had to go home after an incident. Of course there was, but I have to say it wasn't their fault (even if Amanda says other wise!). Sadie got bit by their devil spawned pug. After a frantic call to Amanda, we choose to let the dogs celebrate at home, on their own, with a chewy.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Golf Course Incident

I have one story, which occurred quite recently so the horrid details are still fresh. Around here we have 3 off leash dog parks, 2 of which are attached to rivers (thanks Wendy!). That leaves us with access to one. Why on earth would I subject myself and my 3 terrors to off leash? Because I'm a glutton for punishment. Ok seriously because they love it, and I love to see them happy - I think this is the cause of my demise. Anyway this one is adjacent to a golf course - nothing to fear right? Wrong!!!! Dead Wrong!!!!

So we were happily traveling the paths in the coulees and I can't see Duke and Sadie anymore. I do however hear a familiar splashing sound.......I'm puzzled as there is no water body nearby??? I have seen that he has run into the bush near the golf course so I push back the over growth and up to the decrepit "fence". I have arrived just in time to see a perfect stroke from the back stretch arching down onto the 9th hole green.........and a terrier underneath.

To my horror Sadie has streaked across the green, golf ball in mouth toward her brother who is now moronically splashing circles in the golf course water hazard. I must have screamed like no other because Sadie actually dropped the ball and stopped to look at me. Wasting no time I jumped over the tangled mess of chain link, grabbed her and kept going toward the water. As I attempted to coax Duke out of the water, I remember that I have 3 dogs - as now Mira has emerged from the dog park and is running aimlessly around the green.

I don't know how I eventually got him out. I think it took close to an hour. I had to hold a psyco terrier who wanted nothing more then to chase golf balls, and a horrified Mira who is afraid of loud noises, unfamiliar people, and apparently flying golf balls. And yes I had an audience. The icing on the cake was when I was dragging all 3 across the green toward the dog run an older lady asked me if I needed help. After watching me perform a feat no less then heroic on my own, I wanted to ask her if there was a humane society crisis line because I was about to kill them all!!!!!!

I like pictures so I'll leave you with a couple of my angels.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Caught Red Pawed

I was in the bathroom this morning and I heard the distinctive clatter of dishes in the kitchen. Being the only one home, I immediately blamed Duke, the counter surfer. But the clatter continued, and it wasn't the usual loud rummaging, it was a smaller clinking noise. So I went into the kitchen and found the guilty party. Sorry Duke!

P.S. I think its funny that it only took 2 days to get a good post on how bad they are!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mira's Mass

Mira has a nauseating "mass" on her paw. That's what my vet calls it - a mass. I however, have more appropriately named it little alien. Mira has nurtured little alien for several weeks now, and it has grown. Not uniformly, that would be less disgusting, no little alien has grown tentacle like appendages. Some of the appendages have a black tip, some are scabby and some have open sores. Little alien dies tomorrow. Mira is going in to have it lasered off. I wanted to keep it, to get a better picture of just how offensive it is, but they must send it to be analyzed, so your spared the foul details.
As you can see Mira doesn't like me to expose her little friend, she tries to protect it. I think she is going to miss little alien........