Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just a Picture

Ingenious or Pathetic?

I couldn't decide which title suited this post better. It's windy out again today, like 100 mile per hour wind, so the dog door must remain locked. If you missed the earlier post this month on the outcome of this, think of a terrier and a new white comforter, which actually came out surprisingly well in the wash. Anyway, I couldn't decide what to do this time. Sadie can't go to daycare because of several incidents, the last ended in an elderly wiener dog screaming bloody murder. So I fashioned a "pee pad" out of some swifter wet jet pads. I was pretty proud of myself until I thought.....I just taped 8 wet jet pads to my floor for my 4 year old terrier. I'm thinking pathetic is more appropriate.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby Mira

I don't have many "baby" pictures of the dogs. We didn't have a digital camera when we ahem..purchased Sadie, Duke was already 2 years old when we adopted him, and Mira was almost 1 year when we "fostered" her. The rescue that had Mira also had her 2 sisters as babies so I asked them if they had any puppy pictures of the girls. I thought this one was cute. Mira is on the left and her sister Abby is the other pup.

I like her funky white toes in this one. I wish I could have had her while she was still this small! But then again I'm not so good with the whole potty training process. Sadie still poops downstairs!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Getting Along

If he can fit in here, he can fit in anywhere!

Friday, January 23, 2009

40 Things!

Really!? I was tagged by Amanda from manymuddypaws to post 40 things about me that people may not know. This is defiantly going to be a challenge as I'm not a secret kind of gal.

1. My short term memory is non existent - you can drop off your prescription at one counter and no word of a lie I will ask you your name 5 minutes later at the pick up counter

2. I was a geek in junior high, and "popular" in high school

3. I lived alone in a one room apartment for my 2nd year of university - as in no bedroom, just one open room all of 500 sq feet, and I loved it.

4. I got 100% on my high school English final exam - I had my paper memorized before I even know what the topic was, and I just adapted it to fit.

5. My first dog was a Chinese Shar-pei (wrinkle dog) he was diagnosed with cancer while I was at university and died the night after I got home to say goodbye

6. I cry when I'm mad and that makes me angrier

7. I have 2 tattoos - not sure if anyone has even noticed them

8. I have a mild case of OCD

9. I am a slight hypochondriac

10. I can sleep anywhere, anytime, for as long as I like, even if I'm not tired

11. I hate coffee

12. I hate seafood, but crave a good tuna fish sandwich about once a month

13. I have been in a few fist fights

14. I have given an ex-boyfriend a black eye and broke another one's nose

15. I have a temper (hmmmm refer to #14)

16. I played competitive soccer for about 5 years

17. I lived in Loma Linda California and did my hospital practicum in the infectious disease rotation (see #9)

18. I have been to Italy and Paris

19. I have had my belly button and tongue pierced

20. If I can't do something 100% I usually don't do it at all

21. I knew I was going to marry Dustin the second I saw him

22. Sadie spoons with me at night

23. I spent one summer waiting and then collecting cow urine in a barn at the research center

24. I spent the same summer wet sieving cow poop and weighing the contents of each sieve

25. I have been paying my student loan for almost 3 years and I'm not even close to paying it off but I will attend Sarah's party anyway

26. I now have to pay off my husband's student loan

27. I am an evil stepmother

28. I don't know the actual color of my hair anymore

29. I chronically clear my throat and it really annoys the people who notice it

30. I'm paranoid about bad breath

31. I'm addicted to chap stick

32. I purell my hands at least 5 times in an hour (see #8)

33. I have worked at 6 different jobs since last summer

34. I have fallen asleep at work (it was on a couch with a dog at daycare on a really slow Saturday - sorry Wendy!)

35. I grew up very spoiled

36. I have two older brothers, I am the only daughter (see #35)

37. I have been the same weight since grade 8 (that was 15 years ago)

38. I'm really glad I'm almost done!

39. I use to be in modeling and was told to walk like I had a quarter stuck in between my butt cheeks, I quit shortly after my mom's friend yelled out at a soccer game that my quarter fell out

40. I'm the happiest I have ever been in life

I hope I surprised you at least once.

Ok I tag Bobbi at Crazy Dog Days and Lauren at Why Everyone Should Train Dogs


Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm Vince and I'm a Good Dog

This is our new foster. He is such a sweet, wiggly guy. I don't think he will last the weekend.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bath Mat

Like my bath mat? I have to be careful when I step out, as the bath mat likes to sneak in while I'm showering.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Insert Foot Here

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a tendency to put my foot in my mouth, to say things that should really stay private thoughts, and to then feel really bad about them for longer then necessary. Today was one such day. It was staight out of a T.V. show, you know the one where the girl writes an inapriopriate email about someone and mistakenly sends it to that person. Then they are frozen in horror and try uselessly to hit the delete button, like some how that is going to reach cyber space and snatch the email back into your outbox. Yes that girl was me. And the best part was that when I got home from work I got a nice email back from said person in which my snide remark was quoted directly. Now I'm delaying stuttering through an apology that will undoubltley end in me feelling like an ass for monthes to come.
This must be why I love dogs so much, they are so uncomplicated.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Ok here is a picture of the yards, you can't actually see the fence, but you can guess where is should be!

No Show

I have no pictures to share so you will be forced to believe my word on this. We live on the edge of town, and our backyard borders an open field. The city has built a fence parallel to the length of the houses. We like to walk back there because its open, quiet and the dogs can run off leash. It has snowed so immensely here that is has piled up just shy of the top of this fence on either side. Thus allowing two dogs to literally walk over the fence and out of their backyards to play with us!

I debated taking a picture of this second incident, but erred on the side of caution. Because of the fierce wind and snow I had to lock the dog door shut today. Theoretically my adult dogs should be able to hold their bowels for a minimum of 5 hours. Upon returning home I discovered that a certain terrier either couldn't hold it or decided that it was unacceptable to have to hold it. Either way she relieved herself on the spare bed. Number one and number two.

Sleep over anyone?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Sunday

Here's to lazy sunday afternoons.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

At Work

Doesn't this look like I work at a drive thru? Would you like fries with your meds?

Brought to you by a crappy phone on a crappy network.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


So after having numerous complications with my phone and thinking I was jinxed in some way I have discovered that they have pulled the touch diamond from the shelves! We were shopping in the mall today and it was pulled off the display, in it's place an empty cord. I asked why it was missing, and the saleswomen told me they are not selling it anymore as it had been having several issues. WTF!!! I have been to that exact store 3 times now complaining and they told me that it was the user, or the programs I downloaded. I have fought with them for 2 months now. They didn't even call to let the current users know that they pulled it either. Actually they told me that I'm still stuck with it because I bought it before they stopped selling it. So now this one little customer is announcing that Telus and their touch diamond phone are both big old pieces of crap!

And this was after the Sears' lady told me I had to go back into the freezing streets and drive back up the deadly road that is the westside hill and produce the original receipt for my refund, as apparently the gift receipt is not enough? WTF?

Then after I painstakingly conveyed some diabetic information to a mother, who is an individual that I have a hard time liking in the first place, I was told I was being rude and condescending and my help was not needed. So now I have sent an ass kissing apology email and still feel like WTF?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Infected Anal Glands

Anal glands. I mean really can you think of a more useless and foul gland? Why hasn't natural selection occurred here? I suppose it has in humans, along with the tail, and I can see why. If humans had anal glands I think reproduction would come to an abrupt halt. I mean most people I encounter at work can't even keep up with the orifices that they have, could you imagine anal glands?

If you have ever dealt with anal glands I sympathize with you. If you know that they can become infected, I pity you. Imagine intensifying the smell and reducing the consistency of the discharge and you have what has been termed infection. But with diagnoses comes resolution, hopefully, in the form of a pill. More specifically Orbax 68mg. I have never heard of this drug, because as previously mentioned, survival of the fittest has eliminated the anal gland from human medicine, but I'm placing all my sanity in it's effectiveness.

If the Orbax doesn't fulfill my expectations we will proceed to more invasive measures, injection directly into the glands. And then if all else fails we will just remove them, and add to the population of dogs who have surgically evolved past this troublesome gland.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years!

Today was my birthday, well technically it was yesterday. I spent a great day with friends and family. It began at the dog park, and between 4 of us we had 11 dogs! It wasn't really a walk, more of following around the dogs as they chased mice and as Jolene called it "go to ground" in the field. Mira ran around like a lunatic, and got all the boys chasing her, what a hussy!

Later we had dinner at my parent's house and went to a show. Then we rang in the new year with friends and family. Over all it was a pretty good day.

Wicca looks like she got pelted in the head with a snowball.

I am Ceaser Milan (for you Amanda)

Picking up poop
I'm not sure what's weirder, Wendy noticing that I'm always holding up poop in pictures, or the fact that she has taken multiple pictures of me holding poop?

I like this one of Perkins, its kind of weird, and it looks like hs tail is broken, but isn't he shiny?

Super Perkins!

Flies over buildings in a single bound

Dog pile on Mira, literally.

Deranged lunatic warning, please pick up your children and small dogs and evacuate the area.

As commented, Sadie isn't dominant at all

The pack, I think this was everyone except Boone

Aunty Jolene carrying poor Sadie after her feet got cold, much to Korts horror. Kort tried to jump up to get Jolene's attention and he got a good bite on the snout!