Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mira's Mass Part......I Lost Count!

It's really hard to photograph a dog who shys away from the camera to begin with, and then to attempt to manipulate a paw whilst holding and focusing a camera - well what you get is what you see.

The update is that it's growing at an alarming rate, and as alway's it's disgusting. It creeps me out really.

A New Bed

Anyone need a new dog bed? Costco has huge beds on for under $30. They are down and ceder filled, so it's even aromatic!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Belated Birthday

Sadie and my mom were both born February 3rd. My mom and dad have decided to become snow birds and they came home for the "summer" a few weeks ago. Although I guess they should have stayed south a few more weeks. Anyway since they were gone for the official day we recently had a party for them. Sadie is 4 now, which is easy for me to remember because its as long as I have been licensed.

Monday, April 27, 2009

My Next Dog.....

Ever started a sentence like this? I have collected 3 dogs and never once have I start a sentence like this, how bad is that? However, I have decided on what my next dog will be. But before I get my first official planned dog one of the current members will have to cross the "rainbow bridge". So in around 10 years I will have a retired racing greyhound!! and I am super excited about it! Recently a few friends and I went to a pet expo in Calgary and I met some really sweet retired racing greyhounds. I even made a list of why I want one!!

1. I love how they lean into you when you pet them

2. I love how big they are - but they don't drool

3. I love how lazy they are

3. I love their short coats

4. I love that one day I can give a retired racing dog a chance at a normal life being a part my family

My husband is quite easy going and is on board with our new future addition. He even changed my computer desktop picture (from a pissed off bunny ear wearing Boone) to this.....

I really like the tiger striped ones!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Even Though They're the Same?"

I'm the first to admit that I was a fairly naive dog owner, but I find it quite ironic that common sense isn't really common at all.

Last weekend Amanda and I went for a walk around a busy lake. I purposefully took Duke as he has some fairly appalling leash aggression and I wanted Amanda to help curb it. As it turned out the lake was a decent distraction in itself. However, there is a stretch of path that I nervously anticipate. It is about 4 feet wide with chain like fencing on either side. It feels like a game of chicken upon each approach, if there is a dog coming in the other direction there is no way out. Of course as we enter the last 10 feet or so another dog enters my view. I attempt to put Duke in a sit stay and I hear the owner comment on how his dog looks like mine. I digress, but my beautiful, potentially purebred Labrador did NOT look like this black and tan long haired mutt. As Duke proceeded to strangle himself against my restraint I stated the obvious to this guy that my dog isn't friendly. Now I kid you not, and Amanda can attest that this actually occurred, the man asked sincerely "even though they are the same?" and continued to let his "lab" butt up against Duke. At this point I considered releasing Duke, who is now frothing at the mouth and eyeing up the best spot on his dog to mount. Thankfully Amanda intervened and reinforced my earlier comment that he was not friendly and to kindly move on, in not so many words.

I believe it took about 20 or 30 seconds for either one of us to actually address the incident after it took place. We must have both been too speechless to respond. Then Amanda gave her famous "are you kidding me?" and I said "but they are the same" and we laughed and finished our walk.

This was taken moments after Duke pulled me into the lake. The walk continued with a distinctive sloshing sound.....

"Run Forrest, Run!"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Team Terrior Terrors!

Sadie and I will be participating in the Purina Walk for Dog Guides on May 30, 2009 to help raise funds for the training and placement of Dog Guides for Canadians with visual, hearing and medical or physical disabilities. We need pledges!!! Please consider donating to this wonderful cause. You can visit our website at

If anyone wants to walk with us, please let me know. The walk is at Nicholas Sheran Park at 11:00m and May 30, 2009.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sweet Ride

The Japanese automaker showed off a "Dog Friendly" version of the Honda Element SUV at the New York International Auto Show on Thursday. The concept features a cushioned pet bed with safety restraints in the cargo area, a spill-resistant water bowl, and even a ventilation fan to keep canines comfortable. A folding ramp gives animals an easy way to get in and out.
In the back seat, there's an integrated pet carrier and machine-washable seat covers to make it convenient and safe to carry smaller pets. The rubber floor mats feature a toy-bone pattern, and paw-print emblems on the side and back of the vehicle draw attention to its pet-friendly status.
They listed the price around 21,000. I totally want one!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Breaking Point

Duke has a very long fuse, the only one to actually reach the end of it has been Sadie, and that's after continuous abuse. 99.9% of the time he will let her have what she wants and continue on for the ride. Tonight he reached his breaking point.

Sadie had found an old piece of rawhide and Duke decided he wanted it. I heard Sadie's cries of protest and saw Duke making a beeline for the dog door with Sadie in hot pursuit. As he ran by I grabbed it out of his mouth, and by the time he realized what had happened he was already outside with Sadie. I'm assuming he thought she stole it back, all I heard was several bloodcurdling screams from Sadie. I opened the back door and he had her pinned on the porch, she had soiled herself in fear. As soon as I made my appearance Duke let her up and she limped inside. I was so stunned, speechless actually. I knew the day would come, but I always thought Sadie would deserve it and it would be good for Duke to stand up for himself, within reason of course, but Sadie really hadn't done anything this time. I scolded Duke, but not harshly. I scanned Sadie over, but didn't let her milk it.

My trainer, Amanda has told me to stand up for Duke, or one day he is really going to show her who is boss. I hope this little incident reminds her that he is bigger and stronger. However, I am reminded of when she had her ear ripped open, and that hasn't slowed her down. Oddly enough, Mira has only had to put the fear of God in Sadie once and Sadie doesn't mess with her anymore.

I would really love to get inside that terriers head and know her reasoning. Or lack thereof.

Swamp Thing

Sadie came sauntering through the house and nonchalantly sat down beside me after her romp outside. It wasn't until I got the camera out that she gave me the suspicious "what??" look.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring I'm Gonna kick the Old Man's @##

I woke up this morning with what is commonly known as pink eye. The good news is that it is on the list of contagious diseases that prevent me from going to work at the hospital. I guess no one wants the girl with the red, oozing eye around their patients and their patients medications.

I also talked to my vet who in turn had talked to the pathologist who autopsied little alien. Apparently it can spontaneously recede and we are going to do some watchful waiting. Now I just have to keep her from nurturing the evil beast and prevent it from taking over our planet.

Shouldn't I be handed a light saber or something?