Tuesday, April 27, 2010


After much debate I decided to make a complaint to the animal shelter about the cats that attacked Sadie and myself. It wasn't really for me, but more for preventation. What if it had been a small child? The owner admitted his cats were mean, and continues to leave them out at large. My breaking point came when I asked the owners to give me proof of vacination and 6 days later, no paperwork.

I have frustrations with our shelter, but nothing compared to their lack of compassion or uselessness after speaking with them today. Lethbridge has no cat bylaws, so these cats are free to roam the streets and attack the public. I encourage all of you to write to our city council. I was directed to make it attetion the mayor and council. I will be writing my own letter, if you wish to have your name added please let me know.
You can contact via email

or snail mail

2nd floor City Hall
910-4th Ave South
Leth, Ab

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Beth said...

If you write a letter, you can add my name. If you want me to write on my own - I can do that too. Let me know what works the best - stupid cats!!