Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Girls Road Trip!

Wendy and I went to Waterton for a hike today. I have to admit, when she first asked I wasn't sure I wanted to exert that much energy on my day off, but she said I could sleep in until 10 so I was game. I even woke up early this morning and was ready by 9am! I'm so glad I got my lazy ass out of bed. I think we had a great hike!

The girls both loved the snow, Wendy said she wanted to rub her face in it too.
I think Mira is scarier then the wildlife.

Everyone who passed us kept cooing over Lacey and her little backpack. I lost count how many times Wendy itemized what she was carrying.
I couldn't believe the amount of snow at the top of our hike.

We had a little snack at the top
Beautiful Waterton


Paws on the Run said...

I'm glad you hauled your ass out of bed too! Thanks for a fun day.

onecollie said...

love the blogs new look!
Wendy does look funny standing in snow with shorts & a t-shirt! Sure would have loved to see a picture of her rolling her face in the snow with the girls!!

Beth said...

Aaaawww - what about my poor Dukie Man? How come he didn't get to go? Beautiful pictures though.

vinay kumar sahu said...

lovely place

emily garnhart said...

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peacefulgirl9554 said...

it's really good u got a lot of energy now and your dogs look like they had a good time that they were having fun

thirdwave said...

I love the pictorial depiction


Anonymous said...

Waterton looks lovely. You were lucky to get there.
Charles Moore