Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Strange But True

We were in Waterton this weekend and I observed the oddest couple. The first encounter was in town, where they were walking a little dog and carrying their baby in one of those backpacks that you wear in the front (frontpack?). The next time I saw them the baby had on a pink jacket and the wife was holding her. Then the dad came around and put her in a jogging stroller. As I walked by with my 3 beasts she cooed at the baby "aww look at the big puppies!!"

Now this might not seem weird at all except their baby was a dog. Seriously. The dog was dangling in the baby pack as they walked the town. And the dog was pushed in what appeared to be a very expensive stroller, while it's owner pointed out what they seemed to classify as another species when my dogs walked by. I have to add here that I'm positive the dog can walk because when they put it in the stroller it was standing and turned a few circles before laying down.

These people really disturbed me. I think they may actually think their dog is a human baby. Especially because they have two dogs, and one walks around on a leash as it should. People are weird.


Sarah said...

Sandy, it's OK you can say it was me.

(kidding, i'm not even that much of a freak)

Beth said...

Hmmm - if you think that is strange, they now have program on T.V. where people actually think the monkey they own is their child. They call them their son or daughter and say "she looks like her mother, etc." And they walk among us!!

Stan King Music said...

Ic an understand the couple very well. They aren't odd at all.
I am willing to bet anything that
they were not able to have children, so this was ( in their own little way ) a substitute.

My wife has Systemic Lupus, and
we had lost three chidlren in just a couple of years, the furthest my wife carried was 5 1/2 months and
she miscarried.

The doctors and specialist all told us that we would never be able to have children, so we surrounded ourselves with animals.
Cat,s dogs, pythons etc.

I mean we never went to the level that couple did, but the devestation of wanting a child so bad and being told you cannot have children, can affect different people in different ways.

They were probably just doing what they felt would fill that void in their lives.